Bill Trinen’s Path to Success

[reprinted from Colorado Expression January 2016 Edition]

SUCCESS IS EASY! Just find a niche, and fill it. Or so they say. It sounds easy enough, but perhaps the not-so-easy part is identifying that niche and, of course, having the expertise to make it work. The so-called “overnight success” invariably takes several years to get there.

One example is Bill Trinen, owner of Trinen Realty Partners, a full-service commercial real estate brokerage firm with an emphasis on Tenant/Buyer Representation. His many years of experience in sales and real estate certainly supplied him with the skills he uses to make his company a success. But, as Paul Harvey might say, “here’s the REST of the story.”

Trinen’s family moved to Colorado from Chicago when he was young. He attended Cherry Creek schools, and graduated from South High as senior class president. With an Economics degree from the University of Colorado, he began his career path in southern California, but his love for Colorado lured him to return. Inspired by an older brother with a commercial real estate company in Newport Beach, Trinen aimed his sites in that direction.

Positions with Grubb & Ellis, Cushman & Wakefield, then finally with Fuller Real Estate companies, helped him to hone his skills in a variety of disciplines. Starting as an industrial broker, he also worked in sales and leasing, then investment sales and redevelop- ment work. “I have a strong multi-dis- ciplined background. It’s helped me to have a broad skill set. All that experi- ence has provided the platform for me to run my own business successfully,” he states.


It was only a matter of time for Trinen to start his own company. Finding a gap, or niche, that was under-represented, he focused on building tenant/buyer relationships. “My experience has led me to the niche in the business where I can add the most value to my clients, representing office tenants,” he says.

“All tenants/buyers in the marketplace can benefit from brokerage representation. A tenant/buyer that’s interested in expanding may want to move or renew a lease, and the tenant representative service provides leverage for the client to get the best possible terms for whichever path they choose,” he explains. He stresses that trying to do business without a broker places one at a disadvantage. “The biggest thing I provide is to create options and leverage, and transactional expertise,” he says, adding, “Representing tenants is where I can add the most value and have the most success. It’s taken a long time for me to get here.”

During the leap from employee at a realty firm to an entrepreneurial business owner came a hurdle that might have smashed the goals of most people. “I was diagnosed with cancer, and had surgery. It was under surveillance for five years—I had a CAT scan every three months. At the very end, they found it had metastasized to my chest. Then I went to high-dose chemotherapy.” They thought they had gotten it all, and so would watch for five years. But one year later, “It came back in the same spot. I went to the number one cancer specialist in the world for this type of cancer. I got double stem-cell transplants; the first one didn’t kill the cancer, so they did it again, that time with a lethal dose of chemo. That was seven years ago.” That he survived is just one part of the miracle. Since they had frozen his sperm prior to the lethal chemo dose, he and his wife are thrilled to be parents of six-year-old twins, a boy and a girl. “When I came back to work it was 2008, and we all know about that time period. It was a rough go. I was eaten up financially. I had to make a change. I think that without my skill set, I would not have succeeded with Trinen Partners,” he relates.


He quotes John Cushman as saying, “There’s finders, minders and grinders in this business.” Trinen says he’s a finder. “They have the most valuable skills. Be the rainmaker, be the source-maker. If you can’t find the business, it will be hard for you to have your own company.” He’s enjoyed grand success. “My experience and tenacity and the need to provide for my family, to get the best out of life, have driven me,” he says.

Trinen stresses that he still offers a full range of commercial services, and for some projects he brings in the “best in class” brokers to work with him. “I collaborate with them and we work it together, so the client has the best peo- ple. This being my own company, I can bring in the best. I can grow in any direction. It’s hard not to be excited about it.” He ends by stating, “I say things as they are. I’m direct, honest, tenacious and excited about life. I build relationships with my clients here in town—I can grow as they grow.”

Joy Lawrance is a freelance writer in Golden, and writes regularly for the New West Publishing family of magazines.

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